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Cosmos hotel is a whole space of great offers!
Cosmos hotel is a whole space of great offers! Cosmos Hotel is very happy to be good friends with you. But why not make more friends? Let us introduce to you our devoted friends and loyal partners. They do have surprises for you - surprised of cosmic magnitude!
Cosmos hotel - 2 min from metro, 10 min to city center!
Cosmos hotel - 2 min from metro, 10 min to city center! Consider, plan and book your 2018 autumn and winter stays at Cosmos Hotel!
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Travelling to Moscow on business? "Business traveler" package is perfect for you! Reduce your Moscow business travel expenses with our "Business Traveler" package offering.  


20 July 2017

Special price for guests of Cosmos!!!

The Vintage Music House, which opened at VDNKh this season, continues a series of screenings of world silent movies masterpieces with author's voice-over performed by George Sergeyev.

On July 22, Saturday, the evening session in the museum will be devoted to the legendary American film "Chicago".

Guests of the "Cosmos" hotel can have a 25% discount on the ticket upon presenting their guest card!!!

The mute film made in 1927 is a criminal comedy and in fact is the progenitor of the famous Broadway musical "Chicago" of 1975 and the Oscar-winning film of 2002 having the same name.

"At the museum, we present rare samples of vintage music collected fr om all around the world", says the director of the Vintage Music House Christina Belenkaya, "weekends when we display masterpieces of silent cinema are a bright continuation of the visual educational program that our museum delivers to the audience."

The main feature of the silent film screenings in the Vintage Music House is an unsurpassed author's voice-over by the music hall artist and passionate film-lover George Sergeev.

The artist does not limit himself to reading the subscript, but introduces into the voice acting elements of juicy humor, a live text easy to understand for the modern spectator. Therefore, you can bring the whole family including children aged 12 and older.

The cult silent picture "Chicago" was based on a real crime story; the classic American genre combines love, greed and a thirst for glory. All these a viewer will go through along with the main character of the film - Roxy Hard of Chicago.

"The sharp plot, sparkling humor, brilliant actors' play and the refined directing of Frank Urson made "Chicago" a model of the world's criminal comedy, which everyone must see," George Sergeyev is convinced.

The piano part will be played by a laureate of numerous musical competitions, maestro Daniel Maslov.

Duration of the movie: 2 hours (including the music program).

The viewing hall has space for 30 spectators, seating is free.

WH ERE: the Vintage MusicHouse at VDNKh, Pavilion No.84A (right wing of the VDNKh Ring Road, between the Chess Club and the VDNKh Palace of Culture)

WHEN: July 22, 18.00

Tickets are available on the website www.vdnh.ru or in the hall of the museum. Booking of tickets: + 7-495-664-95-57


Airport «Sheremetyevo»:
35 km

Airport «Domodedovo»:
55 km

Airport «Vnukovo»: 40 km

Metro st. «VDNH»(«ВДНХ»): 200 m

From the city centre (Red Square): 9 km



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