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Cosmos Hotel history

Cosmos Hotel was built in 1976–1979 to receive foreign guests who were to arrive to Moscow for the XXII Olympic Games.
The official opening took place on July 18, 1979. As part of the opening ceremonies, concerts of Soviet singer Alla Pugacheva and French singer and composer Joe Dassin, very popular in the USSR, were held. It was a great celebration which was attended by many prominent political figures, businessmen, pop stars.
During the Olympics-80, Cosmos Hotel housed the Olympic press center. After the Olympics, the hotel was repeatedly used as a site for other international, All-Union and All-Russian events.
In 1984, the International Congress of Cosmonauts and Astronauts was held in Cosmos; as well as the I World Forum "For a Nuclear-Free World and Disarmament of Mankind" with the participation of A.D. Sakharov.
In 1985, the hotel welcomed guests of the International Festival of Youth and Students and the International Song Festival "Step to Parnassus" (for 3 years).
In 1989 - the first international beauty contest "Miss Charm".
In 1995 - the International Chess Olympiad.
In 1996, the hotel once again housed the press center of a large sports event- the Goodwill Games headed by Mr. T. Turner. Some notable creative events took place here as well: The Morning Star was filmed here, the Crystal Boat competition, and the People's Artist-2 All-Russian project.
From 2005 to 2014, the annual Conference of computer games developers took place in Cosmos. Other events include International conferences held by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with 48 countries participating (on the level of Ministers and Deputy Ministers), the International Bodybuilding Tournament.
Charity events for children affected by military operations and for veterans of the Great Patriotic War under the patronage of the Government of the Russian Federation. International exhibitions and conferences held by the International Center for Financial and Economic Development. International exhibitions and conferences organized by the Association of Russian Banks were also held here.
"Recreation in Russian" Exhibitions. Festivals for children and adults. Congresses of political parties (United Russia, Fair Russia, etc.). Congresses of surgeons, cardiologists, etc.
Major events take place at Cosmos, including those by the United Russia Party, the Kudrin Foundation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Moscow Mayor's Office, ARB, Europa +, MMIBF, Auchan, METRO, 1C Accounting; TechnoNIKOL, NOKIA, Zolotaya Korona, Baltika, a Film Market, the Children's Festival “Light Your Dream”, “Talents of the New Century”, "Rosneft Lights the Stars", "Soundtrack"; Uralskiye Pelmeni shows, Crazy Horse Cabaret, STOMP show and many others. Shostakovich Charity Concert, Prokofiev Charity Concert.
2005-2015 - “Kostroma" National Show of Russia
2009 to date - filming of Uralskiye Pelmeni shows
August 2013 - the hotel hosted athletes of the XIV World Championships in Athletics (held in Moscow)
December 2015 - a joint PR project with Life News - a huge logo reading Life News #FIRST appeared on the facade of the hotel (of interest is the fact that the hotel staff from top managers to line staff was involved in switching on and off the lights in certain hotel rooms)
2017 - the hotel hosted fans of the Confederations Cup in Russia
June-July 2018 - the hotel accommodated fans of the football World Cup in Russia
November 2018 - “Christmas Song of the Year”-children (THE BEST ARTISTS OF THE COUNTRY perform in duets with novice stars - participants of the International Competition of Young Performers of Popular Music “New Wave” and “Children's New Wave” of previous years)
November 2018 - the hotel will host participants of the IV National Championship for professional skills among people with disabilities “Abilimpics”, which will be held in the 75th pavilion of VDNKh (in total, 1.5 thousand participants from all over the country).


The 25-storey Cosmos is located between Prospect Mira, Kosmonavtov Street and Yaroslavskaya Street at a site which once hosted 1-storey residential buildings demolished in early 1970s. According to the original idea of ​​the architects, the semicircular building of the hotel echoed the semicircle of the main entrance to the Exhibition of Economic Achievements and closed the axis of the main avenue of the exhibition, but it was not possible to place Cosmos at the intended location due to the close proximity of Kosmonavtov Street and Prospect Mira. As a result, the hotel was shifted to the northeast, and its massive volume and centric composition set the neighborhood a new axis of symmetry.

The building was innovative in many ways for the USSR: 3-chamber double-glazed windows were used here for the first time, the heating control system relied on data from numerous sensors on the facade of the building, key cards were used to enter the rooms and for payments at the hotel, besides, Cosmos had the very first bowling alley and a quasi-automatic telephone station for conference calls in Soviet hotels. Technical innovations in construction and metal cladding, combined with scale, made the hotel resemble high-tech style architecture.

In 1990, the area between Cosmos and Prospect Mira received the name of the French military and statesman Charles de Gaulle. Fifteen years later, an 8-meter monument to de Gaulle by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and architect Alexander Kuzmin was solemnly erected on the square in the presence of the acting presidents of Russia and France, Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac.

The hotel became the first, after the building of the Tsentrosoyuz by Le Corbusier, experience of joint work of architects of a Soviet country and the capitalist west: for this large-scale manifest project, experts from France were recruited, which was considered the closest friend of the USSR in the West. From the Soviet side, the design team of Mosproekt-1 (architects V. Andreev, T. Zaikin, V. Steiskal; engineers V. Kandaurov, I. Samsonov, N. Ivanov) worked on the project, from the French side - employees of the company “Sefri” (O. Cacoub, P. Zhuglio, S. Epstein), construction work was carried out by specialists from the friendly Yugoslavia. The construction was carried out with the use of technical innovations: a concrete plant worked right on the construction site, the concrete in the formwork was heated by infrared irradiators, bolted joints were used instead of embedded parts. Modern technologies allowed to complete construction in a short time - within just 3 years. When planning the premises, they had to strictly adhere to the Soviet standards, which were not only very different from the Western ones, but also much stricter.


Cosmos Hotel was built to accommodate foreign tourists and delegations and was one of 4 Soviet hotels that had the status of an "international class hotel" and the "suite" room category as per the "Regulations on classifying hotels and hotel rooms into categories" (apart from Cosmos, such were Mezhdunarodnaya hotel in Moscow, as well as "Pribaltiyskaya and Pulkovskaya hotels in Leningrad).
For the purposes of KGB's work, some of the rooms were equipped for private surveillance, photographing and acoustic control over foreigners and their guests. In total, the original design of the building provided for 1777 rooms: 1718 standard rooms with double beds, 53 two-room and 6 three-room suites. The Hotel meals system was designed for 3500 guests. With modern redesign, the ratio of rooms has changed while maintaining their total number at the expense of apartments and suites of different categories. Nevertheless, Cosmos has retained the status of the most capacious hotel in the country, which is confirmed by an entry in the Book of Records of Russia, and has also remained the most visited hotel in the history of the country. In 2004, Cosmos received its 7-millionth guest - an Englishwoman Michelle Collins.

The modern Cosmos has 1,777 rooms, including 1,383 standard rooms, 332 deluxe rooms, 45 suites and junior suites, 6 apartments and 5 rooms of the "grand suite" category. The hotel has a business center with 7 conference rooms for 10–250 people and a congress hall for 1000 people, as well as exhibition areas of up to 1,300 m².

The hotel has 4 restaurants, souvenir, newspaper and pharmacy kiosks, a hairdresser, a beauty salon and a medical center.
Cosmos is a member of the Moscow Association of Hotels and Travel Organizations, the Russian Hotel Association and the International Congress Association.

Its official name is Cosmos Hotel, which owes its location. The hotel is located in the northeast of Moscow on one of the main streets - Prospekt Mira, in a green area, and the windows of the rooms overlook the famous cosmonaut avenue and the monument “To the Conquerors of Space”. After the closure of several of the largest hotels in Moscow, which were soon demolished and ceased to exist, the Cosmos Hotel entered the Book of Records of Russia as the largest hotel with a foundation of more than 1,800 rooms. Cosmos Hotel is the first hotel in Russia where the breakfast appeared in the "Buffet" format. Due to its shape, the hotel received from the Muscovites the joking nickname of "half a cup."
Cosmos became even more famous after the "Day Watch" movie by the notable Russian director Timur Bekmambetov. The hotel was the "headquarters" of the evil forces, and the actress and singer Zhanna Friske, who played one of the main characters in that film, drove along the hotel's "horseshoe" on a brand-new red car, violating all the laws of physics (the hotel guests are still asking to have their room on this side of the hotel). The hotel is loved by film and TV directors, and a lot of filming is done here ("1980s" TV series).

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