+7 (495) 234-12-06 (reservation)
+7 (495) 234-10-00 (call-center)
8 800 333 00 03 (call free in Russia)
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Fitness center of ‘Cosmos’ hotel combines all that is best in the fitness industry today to let you spend your free time with comfort, pleasure and healthiness. More
Free Internet Wifi
Free Internet Wi-Fi is throughout the all territory of the "Cosmos" Hotel More
Great variety of snacks, drinks 24 h. More
Beauty People Club – VoIla
We help people become more beautiful! More
We do have a parking place. Parking till 10 minutes is free of charge. More
Rent a motorhome
Yachts on Wheels Company is the largest motorhome rent & lease centre in Russia. More
TOPGUN COSMOS is a barbershop that revives the best traditions of classic haircuts and shaves.
Luggage storage
The luggage storage is offered for the convenience of our guests. More
Foto`s multiservice center

Foto`s multiservice center

Solaris night club
If you are staying at our hotel, be sure to visit Solaris nightclub. More
Please contact the maid service to send your clothing to the laundry.
Self-service laundry
Self-service laundry: simple, convenient, fast! More
Car rental
Kosmos Auto company offers car hire in Moscow with or without a driver on profitable terms. More
‘Avtoprokat-Service’ car rental
‘Avtoprokat-Service’ car rental More
MTS cell phone store
MTS stores represent newest mobile technologies, a wide range of various gadgets and high-quality subscriber services. More
To order a transfer, please call +7 495 234-1000, or send a request to e-mail: guest@hotelcosmos.ru or fo@hotelcosmos.ru More
In the evening Moscow plunges into the ocean of lights. Shop windows of stores are lit, restaurants and night clubs call you to drop in, even unremarkable things transforms in the rays of backlight. More
Pharmacy is located on the balcony (2nd floor) of the main hotel lobby.
Opening hours 24 h.
Tel.: +7 495 234 12 64, ext. 09-94
If you want to rent offices in Cosmos Hotel please contact at our Rent Department More
Souvenir Shop
Souvenir shops.
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