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One of the most popular concert and congress venues in Moscow One of the most popular concert and congress venues in Moscow.
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24 November 2017

On the Saturday night of July 29, the Vintage Music House at VDNH will present to its guests a solo performance named "One Interesting Thing" performed by the brilliant Taisia ​​Vvedenskaya.

A touching story about how a chance encounter of a simple girl Dagny with the great composer Edward Grieg transformed her whole life.

It is a delightfully beautiful monologue touching deep in the heart, in which one actress skillfully reincarnates in all the characters at once.

The play is based on the story "The Basket with Fir Cones" by Konstantin Paustovsky. During the performance, the music of Edward Grieg sounds and Norwegian landscapes come to life.

"The creation of this performance was accompanied by mystical events", says the artistic director of the "Baggage" theater Lilia Bornashova. "The Basket with Fir Cones" "fell" into my hands by itself like a starting idea, and then Taisia ​​Vvedenskaya heard Grieg's music in a dream."

At the piano is a winner of international competitions Daniil Kontuashvili.

The performance starts at 19.00.

The duration of the performance is 1 hour, no intermission.

Attention! By presenting a guest card of our hotel, all our guests can have a 25% discount at the museum.

Ticket price: 600 rubles (excluding the hotel discount).

Children under 16: 300 rubles (excluding the hotel discount).

The ticket price includes an overview of the museum exposition.

The Vintage Music House at VDNH is the only museum in Russia with the largest collection of the world's vinyl.

The museum has a collection of over 300 rare musical instruments of the 19th & 20th centuries and more than 3,000 vinyl records produced in the USA, England, France and Russia.

All exhibits here are "live": they can be touched, played, you can listen to music or set up a venerable apparatus of the last century to any wave.

The "Vintage Music House" Museum is located at VDNH in pavilion No. 84 A, between the Chess Club and the VDNKh Palace of Culture.

Getting there by public transport: from metro station "VDNKh ", take minibus No. 533 and proceed to the stop "Grushevaya Alleya" at VDNKh.


Airport «Sheremetyevo»:
35 km

Airport «Domodedovo»:
55 km

Airport «Vnukovo»: 40 km

Metro st. «VDNH»(«ВДНХ»): 200 m

From the city centre (Red Square): 9 km



  • 15 Nov 2019

    November 19. Moscow Championship "Abilimpix - 2019"

    The Moscow Abilimpix Championship will be held in 2019, the winners of which will form a city team to participate in federal and international championships.
  • 8 Nov 2019

    November 5-7, 2019 - NATEXPO

    From November 5 to 7, 2019, the diversified exhibition NATEXPO will be held with the support of the Foundation for the development of broadcasting, electronic media and Internet technologies in the Exhibition center of VDNH (pavilion №75).
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