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4 December 2017

2 January 2018 at 19:30

All ages surrender to operetta!

Operetta is an elusive and sparkling genre: it is theater, drama, opera, musical, comedy - all together and all on one stage. Operetta is a celebration, it is lightness, carnival, festivity and ... intrigue. And "The Flittermouse" is also a genius music, subtle humor and a brilliant and elegant actors' play. The music of this operetta is distinguished by a very special atmosphere of joy, anticipation of the holiday, expectation of new emotions ... Unobtrusive and easily remembered, it gives the viewer faith in true love, genuine beauty and true happiness, which the heart and mind of each of us aspire.

... Just a few years after, and the husband is no longer interested in the wife. He sees in her a book already read which you can take care of, protect, and bind, but completely uninteresting to read again. But an impudent, talented and witty woman Rosalinde, taking advantage of an occasion, goes to the masquerade ball to prove to her frivolous husband how much he was mistaken in her regard!

The action of "The Flittermouse" is a cascade of practical jokes, sweet lies and misunderstandings, in which the main characters - two friends, merchant Henry Eisenstein and theater director Falke find themselves.

The husband is a frivolous bon vivant cheating on his wife with other women, a character somewhat trivial and, alas, too well familiar. But a husband cheating on his wife with herself is indeed an amazing character. Is it possible that he would do this of his own free will? Of course not, but by the will of a pretty and witty woman...

"The Flittermouse" is one of the most unrivaled creations of not only the author, Johann Strauss, Jr., but also one of the most amazing operettas. The premiere of "The Flittermouse" took place in Vienna on April 5, 1874. And since then there was, perhaps, not a single theatrical season that would go without it in some musical theater. In the Moscow Operetta alone "The Flittermouse" was staged four times and each time it became a repertory long-liver. Staged more than 40 years ago by director Georgy Anisimov in collaboration with musical director Mstislav Rostropovich and artist Valery Levental, "The Flittermouse" has withstood more than a thousand performances and became a true symbol of the Moscow Operetta.

In our play, the leading roles are performed by leading soloists of the Moscow Operetta:

Gabriel von Eisenstein - Honored Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Ivanov / Leonid Bakhtalin

Rosalinde, his wife - laureate of international contests Natalia Melnik / Honored Artist of Russia Elena Soshnikova

Adele, their maid - laureate of international contests Olga Ratnikova

Falke, director of the theater, on duty - Evgeny Martynov

Frank, a prison governor - laureate of the All-Russian contest of vocalists Victor Leontiev / Maxim Novikov

Prince Orlovsky - laureate of international contests Yuri Saltsman (Bolshoi Theater)

Alfred - a laureate of international contests Nikolay Semyonov

Valet, Lawyer, Jailer - Arseniy Cherepanov


Airport «Sheremetyevo»:
35 km

Airport «Domodedovo»:
55 km

Airport «Vnukovo»: 40 km

Metro st. «VDNH»(«ВДНХ»): 200 m

From the city centre (Red Square): 9 km



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