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Coffee shop "Shokoladnitsa"

Coffee shop "Shokoladnitsa"
24 hours

Welcome to the world of hot chocolate and desserts!

On the 1st floor In the lobby area of the "Cosmos" hotel there is a 24 hours a day cafe "Shokoladnitsa".

You may go up to a special glass case counter and choose a special dessert. The chain of coffee shops "Shokoladnitsa" has become famous for its desserts and pastries. The range is so varied that you will hardly choose the same dish for the second time. Even if every day you order something new.

The menu includes pancakes with different fillings, delicate cheesecakes, cakes, éclairs. So delicious and yummy!

The Hotel's guests love coming here to enjoy a cup of morning coffee or tea. Or to choose something tasty during the day and pass the time in a warm atmosphere of "Shokoladnitsa". Our barista - an expert in making coffee - will consult you with his pleasure.

Each dish is exclusive! Everything is made of natural products by our confectioners' recipies.

"Shokoldnitsa" in the "Cosmos" hotel is one of the 236 coffee shops of the chain in Moscow and Moscow region. You can find them on the main streets of the capital, in a busy office and shopping malls, train stations and airports. The first café with the same name was opened In 1964 near metro station "Oktyabrskaya". Since then "Shokoldnitsa" is a trendsetter of coffee industry in Moscow.

Our guests, including experts from the restaurant business, regularly mark our work with positive reviews and awards.

Repeatedly "Shokoldnitsa" has won the nomination of the "Best coffee house" in the award "Best restaurant in Moscow" at the web-portal menu.ru. The same web-portal named "Shokoldnitsa" to be the best chain of restaurants in 2011. In 2010 our company has become a favorite brand in Russia in the annual ranking. According to magazan.ru in 2011 we had become "The most dynamically developed chain". And in 2012 yell.ru gave us the award of "Best Business Breakfast". And that is not the whole list of awards.

You also have a chance to enjoy our sweet coffee shop!

The lobby of the hotel "Cosmos", 1st floor.


+7 (495) 967 17 78

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