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Rent a motorhome

Yachts on Wheels Company is the largest motorhome rent & lease centre in Russia.

Today we offer the Russians the products of the leading European and American motorhome producing companies. Self-driving motorhomes, trailers, detachable modules for pickup trucks, premium houses on wheels made in the USA are available. Yachts on Wheels service accepts guarantee liabilities of the producing companies in Russia, maintain preventive maintenance and repair works, install additional equipment.

We stand ready to share our own experience in travels across Russia and Europe.

You can rent a European motorhome. You can find our rent station near Cosmos hotel. Every client gets training for a motorhome safe driving and maintenance.

Full details at www.autoyahta.ru and on the phone: +7 (495) 509 20-27

Design and development Travelline
In connection with the introduction of "heightened readiness mode" in the territories of the subjects of the Russian Federation included in the Central Federal District by Presidential Decree, anti-terrorist security measures have been strengthened in our hotel. Guests and visitors, as well as their luggage, are carefully screened at entrance gates. Access to the floors of the room stock is only by showing a guest card.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

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