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17 June 2019

"Stone Industry" Exhibition, June 25 to 28 at VDNKh

On June 25-28, the twentieth anniversary international exhibition “Stone Industry” will be held at VDNKh.
11 June 2019

June 12 - Russia Day

Cosmos Hotel congratulates you on the Russia Day! We wish you enjoyable travels around Russia and its capital!
7 June 2019

Regions' Social Innovations Forum, June 19-21 at VDNKh

The III Regions' Social Innovations Forum will take place on June 19 to 21 at VDNKh.
3 June 2019

"Integrated Security" Salon, June 5 to 7 at VDNKh

The XII International Salon “Integrated Security” will be held on June 5-7 at VDNKh.
1 June 2019


Cosmos Hotel congratulates everyone on Children's Day! Children is our future. We wish all the children of the world to be happy and healthy. And we, in turn, will do our best to make sure that our hotel guests enjoy a comfortable stay with us together with their children.
22 May 2019

"Multiworld" Festival, May 30 to June 2 at VDNKh

From May 30 to June 2, the largest children's entertainment festival in Russia “Multiworld” will be held at VDNKh.
17 May 2019

“Protected ground of russia” exhibitions, may 29-31 at VDNKH

On May 29-31, the XVI Specialized Exhibition “Protected Ground of Russia” will be held at VDNKh.
13 May 2019

“Accurate Measurements - the Basis of Quality and Safety” Forum, May 15-17 at VDNKH

On May 15-17, “Accurate Measurements - the Basis of Quality and Safety” forum and exhibition will be held at VDNKh.
10 May 2019

“Business - Inform” Exhibition, May 15-17 at VDNKh

An international exhibition of office and computer equipment “Business-Inform” will be held on May 15-17 at VDNKh
9 May 2019

May 9 - Victory Day

Cosmos Hotel congratulates you on the Victory Day! We wish you a peaceful sky above! VDNKh has prepared for the guests and residents of the capital an extensive festive program, which will be held in Ostankino Park.
6 May 2019

“Baker and Confectioner” Salon on May 14-16 at VDNKH

May 14 to 16, the Baker and Confectioner Salon will be held at VDNKh
3 May 2019

"Farmer's Life- 2019" Exhibition, May 14-16 at VDNKH

The “Farmer's Life-2019” exhibition will be held from 14 to 16 May at VDNKh
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