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Home Hotel Special offers One of the most popular concert and congress venues in Moscow

One of the most popular concert and congress venues in Moscow

Advantages of Cosmos Big Concert Hall

  • The optimal number of seats - 1000.
  • Separate entrance to the Concert Hall / possibly branding for the event.
  • Spacious foyer, "Marble" and "Mirror" halls (multifunctional), cloakroom and toilets.
  • Buffet / catering services.
  • Comfortable audience seats, excellent visibility, high-quality acoustics, spacious stage, make-up rooms.
  • Sound and light equipment, projector room.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • Secured parking.
  • Convenient access, assembly gate, plunger.
  • Cosmos Hotel with 1777 rooms / process optimization: accommodation + event, accommodation + event + meals, saving on transportation costs.
  • Developed infrastructure of the hotel complex.
  • Cosmos fame and legendary name, prestigious venue.
  • Flexible prices, individual approach, special offers for regular customers.
  • Professional managers, administrators of the hall.
  • All types of payments, availability of ATMs in the hotel.


Phone: +7 (495) 234 10 15  
E-mail: sales@hotelcosmos.ru


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        +7 (495) 234 10 97 
        +7 (495) 234 12 04
E-mail: event@hotelcosmos.ru 

Other special offers

Compliance with antiviral measures at the Сosmos Hotel
Compliance with antiviral measures at the Сosmos Hotel
Romantic PRO Package
Romantic PRO Package by the Cosmos Hotel!

Travelling to Moscow on business? "Business traveler" package is perfect for you!
Reduce your Moscow business travel expenses with our "Business Traveler" package offering.  
Your best jorney to Moscow with kids!
Can you guess how much is a room in Cosmos for a family of four for a weekend?
Book early to save up to 15%
Book early to pay less! If you plan from 5 or more days ahead of your arrival, your stay at Cosmos will cost you less.

Long Stay: Stay longer - pay less!
Get new special prices with special offer Long Stay!
Wedding at Cosmos
Package “Wedding at Cosmos”: bridal suite for the newlyweds as a present from the Cosmos!
Group booking
Special conditions are available for accommodations for groups of more than 10 people.
Room Service Online
Fast food delivery in the room
Cosmos hotel is a whole space of great offers!
Cosmos Hotel is very happy to be good friends with you. But why not make more friends? Let us introduce to you our devoted friends and loyal partners. They do have surprises for you - surprised of cosmic magnitude!
Accommodation with pets
Do not deny yourself a travel when you don't want to leave your dear pet home alone.
Conference and Banquet Facilities
The advantages of holding events in the conference and banquet halls of the Cosmos Hotel Moscow.
For the exhibitors
Do you want to save money? Is it important that you or your employees stay in a comfortable hotel next to the metro?
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