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Let's celebrate spring together with Cosmos!
Let's celebrate spring together with Cosmos! The beginning of spring is filled with holidays - this is both the International Women's Day and the Pancake Week.
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Hot Cosmo discounts at the end of winter! Hot Cosmo discounts at the end of winter!
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Reservations with Raiffeisenbank The legendary Cosmos is among the partners of Raiffeisenbank (its "Discounts for You" program ), according to which the bank card holders can take advantage of the hotel's special offers.
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"The man of my dream, or sort of love"

24 October 2017

"The man of my dream, or sort of love"

"The Man of My Dream, or Sort of Love"

Comedy about love

Larisa Verkhodarskaya, a provincial theater actress, is in her thirties. She is single and has no children. She has almost got used to her solitude which her job and beloved friends make more bearable. And there we go one day - a casual encounter in the theater, compliments, a man's look full of admiration, a romantic dinner which continued at a posh hotel room. Fortune smiled on Larisa at long last - she has met Him, the man of her dream! This is love, no doubt. Friends gather in her apartment just to have a look at her sudden happiness - he is a famous poet, professor of the Moscow State University, a high-born and a simply handsome sweetheart who chanced to be in this small town lost in Siberia! He is coming to Larisa's place. A dream of a man, a pure celebration! That's what Larisa's friends think of him. But they are not aware yet who they are going to actually see! It will be fay beyond their wildest fantasies!

The cast is your favorite movies and TV-series actors:

Oleg Maslennikov – Voitov («Margosha», «Tricksters», «Closed School», «Gangs», etc.),,

Oleg Maslennikov – Voitov («Margosha», «Tricksters», «Closed School», «Gangs», etc.),,

Yekaterina Volkova ( «VORONINY», etc.)/ Darya Feklenko (leading role in «Engagement Ring», etc.) /Elena Panova (leading roles in: «The Border. Taiga Romance», «Fight with Shadow 1,2,3» etc.)

Natalya Bochkareva ("Happy Together")

Irina Lachina (leading role in «Heavy Sand», «Lady-Boss», «Lady Vagrant» etc.)

(«Hetaeras of Major Sokolov», «Code of honour 1,2,3», «Truckers» etc.)

The author of the play is Vladimir POPOV

The Director is Alexander Vasyutinsky

Link to the ticket office - https://iframeab-pre0907.intickets.ru/node/9856068


Airport «Sheremetyevo»:
35 km

Airport «Domodedovo»:
55 km

Airport «Vnukovo»: 40 km

Metro st. «VDNH»(«ВДНХ»): 200 m

From the city centre (Red Square): 9 km



  • 22 Feb 2019

    February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day

    Cosmos Hotel sends its congratulations on the Defender of the Fatherland Day to all who defend and protect! VDNKh will be one of the main venues of the celebrations in Moscow.
  • 14 Feb 2019

    Valentine's Day February 14

    On Valentine's Day, Cosmos Hotel congratulates all those in love with each other and into life! February 14, VDNKh offers plenty of unusual scenarios of romantic dates.
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