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Home Hotel News May 1 - the Spring and Labor Day

May 1 - the Spring and Labor Day

1 May 2019

May 1 - the Spring and Labor Day

Cosmos Hotel congratulates everyone on the Spring and Labor Day - May 1! We wish you great spring spirit and the most pleasant impressions!

After working hard you need a good rest. Guests of Cosmos Hotel can enjoy the holiday of spring and labor at the main exhibition of the country - VDNKh, since it is only a 10 minutes walk away from the hotel.

By May 1, the long-awaited opening of the fountains “Friendship of Peoples” and “The Stone Flower”, the real pearls of the Exhibition, is planned.

The historic park “Russia is my history” at tVDNKh (pavilion No. 57) has prepared for May 1 a whole lot of activities: from 13:00 to 14:30, a master class on paper architecture “Palaces and Castles” will take place; from 14:00 to 15:30 a decor shop "Alexander bouquet" will be open; from 15:00 to 16:30 the tour “The Soviet Country: from wooden shoes to space” will take place; and from 17:00 to 18:00 film screenings of "Astrakhan Reserve" and "Galichya Gora" will take place.

And the entrance to Pavilion 57 will be free, but you need to register in advance.

In addition, you can celebrate the May holidays in the Soviet style in the historic park "Russia is my history" . VDNKh guests will be able to travel into the past: visit the commission shop and the snack bar, sing to the guitar with bards and walk around the set of the legendary Soviet film "Afonya".

On the same day, concert of the "Stilyagi Band" will begin at 15:00. They will perform the legendary songs “Black Cat”, “Vasya”, “No Frown, Lada”, “Bears Song”, “Wonderful Neighbor”, “Wake up and Sing” and others.

Venue: VDNKh, Pavilion №57 (Historical Park “Russia is My History”).

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