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Home Hotel News August 19 - Apple Feast Day

August 19 - Apple Feast Day

19 August 2019

August 19 - Apple Feast Day

Apple Feast Day is an old Christian holiday, which is traditionally celebrated in the second half of August. This year the Orthodox celebrate Apple Feast Day on August 19.

Among the people, Apple Feast Day is considered a farewell to summer, because it is starting to get colder after August 19. The Day of Apple Feast itself falls on the Assumption Fast. Cosmos Hotel congratulates you on this holiday and invites you to the venues in Moscow where Apple Feast Day will be celebrated. We will tell you of the activities there and how to get there from the hotel.

“Bitsevsky Forest” natural and historical park

In the natural and historical park “Bitsevsky Forest”, Apple Feast Day will be celebrated on August 19 at 12:00. Here, guests will be treated with apple compote. You will also be able to attend a lecture, a quiz and the quest "Roll on, apple, on a plate, tell the truth." Also, the program includes a creative master class where visitors will learn to decorate souvenirs using the stamp technique.

You can get from the Cosmos Hotel to the Bitsevsky Forest natural and historical park by public transport as follows: take the metro from VDNKh Station to Novoyasenevskaya Station. A short walk of less than a kilometer - and there you are in the park! The entire journey will take approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

Moskvoretsky Park

On August 19, Apple Feast Day will also be celebrated in the Moskvoretsky park. Here guests are welcome to attend the "Little Apple" master class and at the "Pantry of Nature" quiz. To participate, a preliminary registration is required.

To get to the Moskvoretsky Park from the Cosmos Hotel, you need to take the orange metro line from the VDNKh station to Kitay-Gorod station. There, go to the station of the same name on the purple line and proceed to Oktyabrskoye Pole station. Next, exit the metro and at Oktyabrskoe Pole bus stop take bus 691 or t19. It will take you to the “Nizhny Mnevniki Street 62” stop. You're at the place! The park is just 120 meters away. The whole trip will take a little more than an hour.

“Lesnaya Skazka” Ecocenter

“Lesnaya Skazka” Ecocenter also invites everyone to the celebration of Apple Feast Day. At 14:30 on August 19, guests of the ecocenter will be able to attend a fruits master class “Oh, apple”. To participate, a preliminary registration is required.

To get to “Lesnaya Skazka” Ecocenter from Cosmos Hotel, you need to go from VDNKh station and get off at Novoyasenevskaya station. Then you can either walk a little more than two kilometers or take bus 262 to the final stop “Proyezd Karamzina”. Your destination is the Bitsa Recreation Area. The whole journey takes a little more than an hour.

Date: August 19.

Venue: Bitsevsky Forest, Moskvoretsky Park.

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