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Home Hotel News September 1 - the Knowledge Day

September 1 - the Knowledge Day

1 September 2019

September 1 - the Knowledge Day

September 1 is an important and exciting holiday for schoolchildren, students, parents and teachers. This means getting ready for the new school year, joy and emotions, dressing-up and new stationery. Knowledge Day is widely celebrated in many cities of our country. Cosmos Hotel congratulates all students, parents and teachers on the holiday! We wish you patience, insights and diligence!

This year, the celebratory school assemblies fell on Monday - September 2. And we will tell you now how to spend September 1 - the last day-off before the beginning of a busy autumn life - in an exciting and informative way.

VDNKh - the main exhibition of the country - is located very close to the Cosmos Hotel. Only 10 minutes of leisurely walking - and there you are at the entrance to the legendary exhibition. So, what has VDNKh prepared for its guests on September 1?

On this day, closing of the International Forum “City of Education” will take place at VDNKh. The forum is held from August 29 to September 1 in the VDNKh Pavilion No. 75. From 10:00 to 17:00 on September 1, guests of the forum will be able to try to solve tasks of state examinations in various subjects, take a test Uniform State Exam in computer science, write written works in English and Chinese, and much more. Here you can also seek advice of students who have recently passed the exam and have now entered universities.

Guests will be able to see a classroom equipped for the Unified State Exam with video surveillance cameras, equipment for scanning forms, a foreign language listening area, a workplace for computer science tasks.

You can complete such an eventful day of knowledge at VDNKh on the roof of the “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” pavilion. It is here that at 19:30 on September 1 the famous musical band Jukebox Trio will perform. Positive energy, reckless mood and a charge of vivacity for the coming school week is what you will take away from this concert. Ticket prices start from 1100 rub.

Venue: VDNKh.

Date: September 1.

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